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Nov. 13th, 2009

"Fifty-eight bottles of beer on the wall..."

Okay, serious post.
Have I expressed my relief that exams are over yet? Well, I should.
Big Night Out.

Performance List
'I Feel Pretty', introduction - 10 minute Dance/Music/Drama combination.
MC. With a plot.
XPT - Drama Group Performance (Mrs Rowe)
Expert-Double-Figures - Drama Group Performance (Mr Brennan)
"Piano Man" with Windpipes, Ty, myself and unknown Bassist.
"Backwards Song" solo performance :)

Backwards Song i've got mostly finished. A few touch-ups here and there, but otherwise fine.

Piano Man I need to learn the solo. Because I suck at it. (This will require me getting sound on my computer).

Expert-Double-Figures is going to be so horrible. Evan is behind me and becomes my hands. He tries to strip me or pinch my nipples when he gets bored. Luckily, he has makeup he has to put on me to keep himself preoccupied. Yay.

XPT will be so bad if we go through with it. Mrs Rowe is insistant. But our original version dragged out too long, so she's completely rewriting the script. Double-yay.

MC with a Plot.
Well, this includes something like 30 mini performances. Ellie, Jaimee and I are yet to figure these out. Also, Jaimee's brother Dale apparently still thinks that he and I are doing the MC. JAIMEE AND ELLIE TOOK HIS PLACE, AND STILL INSIST THAT I TELL HIM!! I can't do that! ((PS: I've convinced Daniel to.))

I Feel Pretty.
Oh, great.
So many problems, so few solutions.
It's killing me. But I'm getting through it, thankfully.
I have the majority of people who'll be in it. When Year 9's get back from camp, I'll finish the list of people and begin proper preparations.
Hopefully it all works out fine.

But I need to rethink a LOT of things.

So yeah... You'd be shocked at how much stress this has put on me. But I'm determined to make it all work.
I hope I'm not trying to do too much... It's kinda like my failure of a performance for Camden Haven's Got Talent.
I played an immensely difficult song, which, with my nerves when it comes to audiences, would probably struggle to do with perfect vision clarity. Blindfolded just overdid it... I mean, it worked fine in practice =\

"Fifty-nine bottles of beer on the wall..."

Yeah WHAT!?
Well, I shot the deputy.
So stick that up your asterisk!

"Sixty bottles of beer on the wall..."

Yeah. Still haven't played that song. Probably should.
Again, a pointless post.

"Sixty-one bottles of beer on the wall..."

I'm definitely not just posting this to get the number of bottles down to zero faster.
DAMN IT. I have this stupid ringing in my head because of my Alarm that's apparently been going off for an hour... I need to play a song or something.

Man, I swear that sound is going to be what drives me to my death one day...

"Sixty-two bottles of beer on the wall..."

So. Yeah, i'm freaking out...
'ts all normal.
19 days until Big Night Out...
'ts all good...

Nov. 4th, 2009

"Sixty-three bottles of beer on the wall..."

Awesome kid.
Tried to tell me his street name.
I said no thanks.
No paeodophile here!
I just remembered his last name so that I could find the street name without his parents looking...
I'm not sure if he even gave me a last name though

Perhaps he just couldn't make up his mind whether it was Sam, Henry or Rufus

"Sixty-four bottles of beer on the wall..."

Got home about... 15 minutes ago.

It's been quite exciting =P
Got loooooooooaaaaaaaddss of study done.

Trust me.

Yep... I love little children. Okay, not really. But one was so totally awesome.
Didn't seem to know exactly what his name was, though...

Very tired.
I'm going to lay down for a bit... perhaps sleep... or read a book O.o
Then i'll finish this... Geography quiz.

Nov. 2nd, 2009

"Sixty-five bottles of beer on the wall..."

Backwards Song


This song is much funnier backwards

Backwards funnier much is song this

It’s a little song that I wrote recently

Recently wrote I that song little a its


You simply take the line and break it into two

Two into it break and line the take simply you

I am not afraid to try

Try to afraid, not am I


This is my backwards song, it is

It song backwards my is this


Instead of rain the sunlight was streaming

Through my window and onto my bed

Bed my onto and window my through

Streaming was sunlight the rain of instead


Toes your on you keep to first that flipped I first

Suppose I flipped that first to keep you on your toes

Yeah I am not afraid to try

Try to afraid not am I


This is my backwards song, it is

It song backwards my is this



Now, when I wrote this song some time ago, I did a big speech here where I listed palindromes like Racecar and Hannah, then at the end I did the whole speech backwards, and it was quite impressive. But I like to think I’ve moved on now so I no longer need to rely on cheap gimmicks, tired old formulas, easy laughs. You know, I’m not a monkey. I can do other things. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. See, I can count to ten. So I refuse to base my entire career on one tiny party trick, and as such I will not be speaking backwards today.



Today backwards speaking be not will I such as and, trick party tiny one on career entire my base to refuse I so. Ten to count can I see. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Things other do can I. Monkey a not I’m, know you. Easy laughs, formulas old tired, gimmicks cheap on rely to need longer no I so now on moved I’ve think to like I but. Impressive quite, was it? And backwards speech whole the did I end at then, Hannah and Racecar like palindroms listed I where here speech big a did I, ago time some song this wrote I when, now.

Nov. 1st, 2009

"Sixty-six bottles of beer on the wall..."

Yeah, I can quote lyrics too.

It's astounding
Time is fleeting
Madness takes it's toll
But listen closely
-not for very much longer
I've got to keep control

I remember, doing the time warp
Drinking, back those moments when
The blackness would hit me
And the void would be caaaallling

I'm walking on sunshine, Woaaah!
I'm walking on sunshine, woaah!
Halelujuah it's a raining men!
And don't it feel good!
Alright now

"Sixty-seven bottles of beer on the wall..."

Sixy seven. Good o' sixty seven.

I won't get to zero at New Years, though, unfortunalely =P

OH! I have AN IDEA!!

Me! Good ol' ME!

I won't tell you, though ;)

It's a secret.



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